Sunday, January 24, 2010


(LO)Sap ASS love story... <3

sooo its close to valentine's day....where do i stand? (status)...single no cuff >sap<
what's sad about this situation is that i would love to have a significant other....its like i waste my time chasing THE UNTOUCHABLES (yes they do exist!!)..
im just tired of being lonely...don't get me wrong, i would never let another person define me..but having that O' so special one would the cherry on top!!!!!!

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honestly i feel as if everyone is playing games. im tired of playing's so childish....whats the point??? games are no longer on my done. too mature to be on that level.
another thing is, its not like i dont have any options, i have MANY its just im not that interested
{i guess} but *she has caught my eye*
i know what 2 do with IT!!...but NOT happening.. GRRRRRR
sooo maybe i am a SAP in 2010...SO WHAT...lls... terrible rite?....maybe
lol so much 4 a love story....i think the main focus of this post is that im ready for something new in my life!!!...AND IMA SAP<<<>
dont come 4 me...lls

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