Sunday, January 24, 2010


(LO)FIRST OFF....there alot of RANDOM things that grads my attention...things that im so in love with ,whether its people or a quote... I JUST FUCK"N LOVE IT
Agyness Deyn Pictures, Images and Photos

Agyness Deyn Pictures, Images and Photos
i love agyness deyn!!!! YESSSSSS

soooooo in love with this rubs me IN ALL the right places
Dazed And Confused Pictures, Images and Photos

i love getting tattoos but there are two people i ABSOLUTELY adore
CHE MACK & JULIE BECKER...there ink is magnificent!!! TRULY INSPIRING!!!
can i get on their level?? ughhhhhh IDK
julie becker Pictures, Images and Photos

SHOUT OUT~to my ride or die BITCH....
YESSSS..........i just had to feature her..we go thru our up's and down's...we laugh, we cry..
i smile with her, i yell with her
OMG HAVE WE BEEN THRU SOME CRAZY TIMES!!!...ughhhh she makes my world better
almost near perfect....
she never judges me....NEVER!!
IF ANYTHING....she just may be the only one who gets me!!!!
got to love her........LIQUOR
liquor Pictures, Images and Photos

soooooooooo OVERR!!
rihanna w Pictures, Images and Photos

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