Monday, January 25, 2010

Ladies step ya cookies up b4 they crumble.!


When I say this I don’t think most ladies no exactly what I mean, truthfully. Besides if they did it would b more women actually being treated like ladies given the utmost respect instead of being regarded to and treated like ‘Bitches’ and ‘Whores.’ It’s so apparent in today’s society whores outnumber the real ladies. Well let me correct myself “weak women” outnumber us all, whores and ladies. & yes its true the term ‘Weak Woman’ implies a plethora of things. A weak woman signifies one who is content being the other women or mistress or n simple terms not #1 as far as their role toward their significant other. This also applies to those weak-welled women who fail to think, speak and act for themselves being insecure & unconfident. I promise if it is 1 thing both a ‘Real Women’ and ‘Real Man’ hate is an insecure women. How u do u expect to keep your man happy or even yet make yourself happy if you are insecure! Please grow up & jus worry about yourself and what u have & stop analyzing every1 else outside your relationship. Nobody wants 2 hear the ‘Bitch-fitting’. & at the end of the day all u do is push your significant other away & you end alone. That’s why Wayne made “Single” Lmao. It was a head’s up to all you ‘Weak & Insecure’ women. & it told you what Niggas r really thinking. So please take heed! & last but not least remember its non of your friends business. So remember that next time u want to tell your friends every little detail of your love life. The best advice I can give u as a women is learn how to deal with your flaws & imperfections in a way that doesn’t make u look weak. We all have them & it’s cool to embrace the women God created you as………. But to continue a ‘Weak Woman’ is also a woman is incompetent and can’t handle her own responsibility; or one who has no goals, self worth or initiative to provide for and make herself happy first and foremost.


Ladies never settle for less than what u deserve & promise you, you won’t as long as u remember this simple notion “YOU GOT DA PUSSY YOU GOT DA POWER.!” Straight like dat.! You are the one in control. Dudes can’t have sex alone or have a relationship alone. & this is what I mean when I say, “Ladies step ya cookies up b4 they crumble.” Step your whole demeanor and lifestyle up. I promise u, & I kidd you not if you live by that simple notion you will be headed down a long line of success. Not only say it but believe it & live by it because n the end men will have no choice but 2 respect it. & at the end of the day your respect & dignity is more important than one night of temporary happiness or settling 4 less den what You deserve.


Other perspectives:

In this selection I just want so feature some strong real young women in my life and their take on a ‘Weak Women.’

"my definition of a weak willed woman is one who will fall for anything and can’t stand on her on two feet! They not willing to work for defeat them. They r simple minded unicellular organisms who can’t do for others cause they can’t do for self! They expect things to just fall in their lap and when the tough times come around they can’t take it and they let themselves go."


“Simply, A women with a weak pussy & and keep her shit tight & right.” ~Domo

“A woman that relies on others to fulfill her happiness instead of her finding it for herself.” ~Liane

"A woman who settles for less." ~Rachel

My quote of the day for women:

“Either I’m coming first, or I’m not coming at all.” ~ Myrtis T.

Quote of the day:

“For life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ~Ant B. Wright



Gay Pride Pictures, Images and Photos

I LOVE this topic…..about being gay and homophobia!!

The reason behind my madness of being obsessed with this topic is that most ppl discriminate against homo’s….WHY? do they make u that uncomfortable?

gay pride Pictures, Images and Photos

Like REALLY!!! It’s a fuckn NEW generation !!!...i have hung around gay ppl most of my life!!

Im actually more comfortable around them than I am with my straight ppl..i love partyn with them!!!

The best time ever!!!


Should Crimes Against Gays Be Considered Hate Crimes?

On April 25, President Clinton announced a renewed effort to expand current hate crime laws to include crimes committed based on the victim's sexual orientation, gender or disability. These additions would enhance the law already on the books, which only prohibits crimes motivated by the victim's race or religion. Clinton tried to push expanded hate crime legislation through Congress in 1999, after the highly publicized murder of Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard, who was killed because his attackers were offended by his homosexuality, but the bill died in committee. Shepard's killers were ultimately convicted and sentenced to life in prison, even though Wyoming's hate crime law does not protect homosexuals.

GRRRRRRR!!!! Some ppl r just ignorant!!!



Ft. ppl-(DOMO): Ppl are becoming more comfortable with themselves. BACK N THE DAY ppl use to keep their HOMO sexuality on the DL…..Today’s society accepts homosexuality better than what they once did to the point where ppl can express themselves freely…. I ACCEPT!!!


Coming to you on a personal perspective I proudly accept my homosexuality, even though im “BI”. But a girl liking another girl is still defined as HOMO. Now that I have came to terms with my sexuality I feel like finally I can be LO. I’m a free spirit, always being me!!! The thing that really GRINDS MY GEARS is how some ppl discriminate. Walking down the street and shouting obscenities “QUEERS”…is sooo ignorant.


I think I’m just tired of the ignorance….main reason why I’m on this topic

LOVE ME OR HATE ME!!!....It’s up to….b neutral.!!! >>>> Which wud b Myrt.! She’s neutral. She accepts me for who I am. Foremost for jus being her buddy ole pale and who am as a loving individual and person.!!! And she rights that’s all that matters. Who we are as people not what our sexual preference is. That’s only a non-factor that people contribute 2 much negative energy towards. Y don’t we all focus on world issues like GLOBAL WARMING or WORLD HUNGER b4 we point our fingers & judge the HOMO’S so r ppl 2.!

gay  pride Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Dam Myrtis. U tryna make it so us niggaz dont get nuttin huh? I mean some younginz use their "pussy power" to get what they want outta life. which may just be a fun time wit sex bein included. I mean im a nigga so call me bias or whateva but if a yougin wanna roll let em roll cuz it aint nuttin wrong wit sex, its natural. Just as long as u wrap-it-up. Females need to learn how to make a nigga strap up cuz most niggaz out here just want pussy raw or not. you should be preechin bout safe sex. lls

    Lo- man personally i dont got nuttin against gay FEMALES cuz most be chillin. But gay males be doin too much. Like if they would chill & stop bein oc then they would be cool. But nah

  2. thats exactly my point... you dont bang with them because they do too much..
    i knw plenty of GAY females who do too much
    i knw plenty of straight niggas who do too much...

  3. Yesssss Gary I agree SAFE SEX is a crucial topic. But I had 2 do sumthin for my ladies first.! & wen i do the Safe Sex edition I promise u will featured.! ;) ily
    Thanks 4 yur feed bac.!