Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashion Inspiration of the week~

Brittany Berrian; At 18 she is currently a freshman at St. Johns University and one of my fellow peers. She is a Public Relations (PR) major with such a creative style… HERE SHE IS DOIN HER THANG & THATS WORD 2 YA WRIST WATCH .!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Let this raise your eye brows, cus this 1 is a jaw-dropper~



Diddy’s son, Justin Combs just turned 16 and goes harder than your average 20 yr old adult on their 21st Birthday.! Can u say “MayBach”! No how bout can YOU afford 1.! Can u say “Nikki Minaj”, yea I’m sure we all have but the lil guy is pimpin bigger than people twice his age.! Can u also say, “star-strutted event”, with all your dad’s colleagues and closest friends in attendance to help you celebrate your coming of age.! & Y? Cus you’re the eldest son or million-dollar mogul “P.Diddy” Combs. Omg.!!! Sooooo what’s the world coming to. I mean yessss it nice 2 go all out for your child if you got it but when r we goin draw the line, after all he is still a child. A Maybach?? Can he even reach the peddles, or how bout even parallel park yet.! I think that’s a bit 2 much 4 a kid’s 1st car. I hope he realizes how much he is truly blessed he is during times when World hunger is a major issue and Global warming is wearing and tearing at our earth & yet people still have the Ordacity to be so into “Materialistic things” that deteriorate and can be replaced but a loved ones time & life can not be replaced once its gone. Trust, there is no hata-ration on this side.! My hat goes off to lil youngn cus when ur Diddy’s child you have no other choice but to go hard & do yourself on every special occasion. Its like ur God given birth right.! & he’s only running with the torch that was givin to him.

Whats on the fashion radar:

YELLOW… Oh but of course it Yellow.! Look its everywhere.! I guess bright colors seem to be in this season.





My fashion Star of the week:


This week I am featuring one of favorite actress’s THE KATE HUDSON. For those who are not up to date she is the child of the living legend and phenomenal actress, GOLDIE HAWN. Kate Hudson has also starred in movies like, “ How To lose a guy in ten days, Me, U and Dupree, and Raising Helen.” Those are just a few of many box office hits. I just love her so much because she bright, bubbly and has incredible talent.! Oh how she jus lights up my day I when I c her on the big screen.! Get it girl. ! & this part just seals the deal for me, HER STYLE IS IMMICABLE.! She naps the spot as my best dressed at this year’s SAG Awards.! Now u take a look, B A D D doesn’t even fit her. She’s more than Badd, she’s beautifully poised and has that x-factor as exemplified n her eyes and walk. She doesn’t have to brag cus her pics brag for her.! <3


(& So what some of ya’ll prolly like damnnnnnn She jus suckd da shyt out of her dick WELL TO THOSE PPL FUKK U.! Cus greatness recognizes greatness. & Jus like me she is a 1 of a kind & rare to come by so I feel the need to give her the due credit.) =)))

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lo's fun time

the best part of the day....
this is when i post shit that i like!!!!....O its soooo fun!!!

u knw i had to post my mother AGYNESS lovely lady

ANOTHER person that im in love with is TAO OKAMOTO.....
i just love this BOYISH look...DELICIOUS

COCO ROCHA....nw this bitch is baddd......tlk about connects!!!

Yves Saint Laurent


ysl short film february 2010, behind the scenes shot by bruce weber

tongue tat????
i think i need ONE!!!!

something that interest me

(LO)so what….i am a creep!!....

JACK THE RIPPER!!??....have u heard of him??

He is a serial killer of the late 1800’s (1888) of Whitechapel, London….which is known to be an Impoverished area(slums)


Attacks ascribed to the Ripper typically involve women prostitutes whose throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. The removal of internal organs from at least three of the victims led to proposals that their killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge….omg


Some say he killed only 5, some say 11…who knows…but im not focused on his body count … its his methods of killing…was he insane?

How does one draw a line between sanity and insanity?....

The Ripper seized the women by their throats and strangled them until they were unconscious if not dead. Ripper struck from behind when the victims were bent forward, their skirts hiked up their backsides while waiting to engage in anal sex……..He cut the throats when the women were on the ground. Splatter stains show that the blood pooled beside or under the neck and head of the victim rather than the front which is where the blood would flow if they had been standing up…..

Monday, January 25, 2010



Ok so as we all know a lot has been going on in the entertainment industry since the Haiti disaster. It’s so good so see how everyone is pitching in and working together to help bring relief to the country. Well in recent news there has been controversy over how sings Bob Marley’s, “Redemption Song” best, Melanie Fiona or Rihanna, in an outreach effort to help bring money to Haiti. I am a lover of music & passionate about humanity so I feel obligated to discuss this.

This song in my opinion purpose is to motivate and encourage a struggling people to still keep their faith in the mist of trials, tribulations and havoc. That in the storm does not endure forever and by keeping faith you are redeeming your freedom. So of course I can say both singers intentions were in the right place because all they want to do is to simply help provide relief. As a person I still want to feel uplifted and inspired although I didn’t encounter the tragedy first hand. Just like the tremendous burden the Haiti disaster put on us all to help and unite and become a part of a greater cause the intent & message of the song is to put the icing on the cake to press people to play a part. Because music has the power to inevitably move people of course this is the perfect platform to do so. Now the job is up to the singer to make sure the message and purpose is felt.!

Honestly on one singer’s version uplifts and motivates me to want to do more. Yes it is very true as an entertainer you must really be able to connect to your audience & make sure the message is received at the end of the song and give them something new that they didn’t have before you began singing and painting your picture.

In Melanie’s video she is captured in her apartment just singing Acapella doing her thing in Impromptu. No need for a live band when she just showing her heart to emphasis the raw form and reaching out to us all. In Rihanna video she is captured with a live band sitting on a stool on the Oprah show, which is a very professional setting which I am sure was rehearsed before performed on television.

My pick is Melanie Fiona. The girl is simply divine and doesn’t get enough credit. She has mastered what it means to be talented and do your job and still maintain beauty and star appeal at the same time. Pleassssseeee vocally my girl RiRi ain’t touching Melanie. Oh but of course Rihanna never looks anywhere short of stunning but her performance and vocals never deliver as they should. If her team spent as much time as they do on her look towards her actual performance and vocals she would be up there with Beyonce’ by now.! Or maybe is it just that she doesn’t have it in her. I don’t know personally and I hate doubting people and don’t get me wrong I love RiRi I just think as most may agree she just not a ‘Sanger’. She doesn’t pose the pipes that most singers off her status pose’. & If I am wrong , I hope she steps her ‘Sanging’ game up in the future and proves it to me.! I wish her all the best.! ~;)

Now it’s your turn to judge take a look at the video’s (evidence) & b my guest to pick which one u really liked or enjoyed that actually encouraged you to want to help and do more to provide relief for Haiti.

lo's fun time

this is wen i just post things that i like and find appealing

Lady Gaga Pictures, Images and Photos

Lady GaGa Pictures, Images and Photos




Ralph Lauren’s white silk organza tunic, at select Ralph Lauren stores,; Fendi’s black suede shorts, at Fendi, New York, Houston, Beverly Hills, Bal Harbour, Florida, and Manhasset, New York. Pebble London neckpiece.

The Beatles Pictures, Images and PhotosThe Beatles Pictures, Images and Photos

:) <3

Ladies step ya cookies up b4 they crumble.!


When I say this I don’t think most ladies no exactly what I mean, truthfully. Besides if they did it would b more women actually being treated like ladies given the utmost respect instead of being regarded to and treated like ‘Bitches’ and ‘Whores.’ It’s so apparent in today’s society whores outnumber the real ladies. Well let me correct myself “weak women” outnumber us all, whores and ladies. & yes its true the term ‘Weak Woman’ implies a plethora of things. A weak woman signifies one who is content being the other women or mistress or n simple terms not #1 as far as their role toward their significant other. This also applies to those weak-welled women who fail to think, speak and act for themselves being insecure & unconfident. I promise if it is 1 thing both a ‘Real Women’ and ‘Real Man’ hate is an insecure women. How u do u expect to keep your man happy or even yet make yourself happy if you are insecure! Please grow up & jus worry about yourself and what u have & stop analyzing every1 else outside your relationship. Nobody wants 2 hear the ‘Bitch-fitting’. & at the end of the day all u do is push your significant other away & you end alone. That’s why Wayne made “Single” Lmao. It was a head’s up to all you ‘Weak & Insecure’ women. & it told you what Niggas r really thinking. So please take heed! & last but not least remember its non of your friends business. So remember that next time u want to tell your friends every little detail of your love life. The best advice I can give u as a women is learn how to deal with your flaws & imperfections in a way that doesn’t make u look weak. We all have them & it’s cool to embrace the women God created you as………. But to continue a ‘Weak Woman’ is also a woman is incompetent and can’t handle her own responsibility; or one who has no goals, self worth or initiative to provide for and make herself happy first and foremost.


Ladies never settle for less than what u deserve & promise you, you won’t as long as u remember this simple notion “YOU GOT DA PUSSY YOU GOT DA POWER.!” Straight like dat.! You are the one in control. Dudes can’t have sex alone or have a relationship alone. & this is what I mean when I say, “Ladies step ya cookies up b4 they crumble.” Step your whole demeanor and lifestyle up. I promise u, & I kidd you not if you live by that simple notion you will be headed down a long line of success. Not only say it but believe it & live by it because n the end men will have no choice but 2 respect it. & at the end of the day your respect & dignity is more important than one night of temporary happiness or settling 4 less den what You deserve.


Other perspectives:

In this selection I just want so feature some strong real young women in my life and their take on a ‘Weak Women.’

"my definition of a weak willed woman is one who will fall for anything and can’t stand on her on two feet! They not willing to work for defeat them. They r simple minded unicellular organisms who can’t do for others cause they can’t do for self! They expect things to just fall in their lap and when the tough times come around they can’t take it and they let themselves go."


“Simply, A women with a weak pussy & and keep her shit tight & right.” ~Domo

“A woman that relies on others to fulfill her happiness instead of her finding it for herself.” ~Liane

"A woman who settles for less." ~Rachel

My quote of the day for women:

“Either I’m coming first, or I’m not coming at all.” ~ Myrtis T.

Quote of the day:

“For life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ~Ant B. Wright



Gay Pride Pictures, Images and Photos

I LOVE this topic…..about being gay and homophobia!!

The reason behind my madness of being obsessed with this topic is that most ppl discriminate against homo’s….WHY? do they make u that uncomfortable?

gay pride Pictures, Images and Photos

Like REALLY!!! It’s a fuckn NEW generation !!!...i have hung around gay ppl most of my life!!

Im actually more comfortable around them than I am with my straight ppl..i love partyn with them!!!

The best time ever!!!


Should Crimes Against Gays Be Considered Hate Crimes?

On April 25, President Clinton announced a renewed effort to expand current hate crime laws to include crimes committed based on the victim's sexual orientation, gender or disability. These additions would enhance the law already on the books, which only prohibits crimes motivated by the victim's race or religion. Clinton tried to push expanded hate crime legislation through Congress in 1999, after the highly publicized murder of Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard, who was killed because his attackers were offended by his homosexuality, but the bill died in committee. Shepard's killers were ultimately convicted and sentenced to life in prison, even though Wyoming's hate crime law does not protect homosexuals.

GRRRRRRR!!!! Some ppl r just ignorant!!!



Ft. ppl-(DOMO): Ppl are becoming more comfortable with themselves. BACK N THE DAY ppl use to keep their HOMO sexuality on the DL…..Today’s society accepts homosexuality better than what they once did to the point where ppl can express themselves freely…. I ACCEPT!!!


Coming to you on a personal perspective I proudly accept my homosexuality, even though im “BI”. But a girl liking another girl is still defined as HOMO. Now that I have came to terms with my sexuality I feel like finally I can be LO. I’m a free spirit, always being me!!! The thing that really GRINDS MY GEARS is how some ppl discriminate. Walking down the street and shouting obscenities “QUEERS”…is sooo ignorant.


I think I’m just tired of the ignorance….main reason why I’m on this topic

LOVE ME OR HATE ME!!!....It’s up to….b neutral.!!! >>>> Which wud b Myrt.! She’s neutral. She accepts me for who I am. Foremost for jus being her buddy ole pale and who am as a loving individual and person.!!! And she rights that’s all that matters. Who we are as people not what our sexual preference is. That’s only a non-factor that people contribute 2 much negative energy towards. Y don’t we all focus on world issues like GLOBAL WARMING or WORLD HUNGER b4 we point our fingers & judge the HOMO’S so r ppl 2.!

gay  pride Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 24, 2010


(LO)FIRST OFF....there alot of RANDOM things that grads my attention...things that im so in love with ,whether its people or a quote... I JUST FUCK"N LOVE IT
Agyness Deyn Pictures, Images and Photos

Agyness Deyn Pictures, Images and Photos
i love agyness deyn!!!! YESSSSSS

soooooo in love with this rubs me IN ALL the right places
Dazed And Confused Pictures, Images and Photos

i love getting tattoos but there are two people i ABSOLUTELY adore
CHE MACK & JULIE BECKER...there ink is magnificent!!! TRULY INSPIRING!!!
can i get on their level?? ughhhhhh IDK
julie becker Pictures, Images and Photos

SHOUT OUT~to my ride or die BITCH....
YESSSS..........i just had to feature her..we go thru our up's and down's...we laugh, we cry..
i smile with her, i yell with her
OMG HAVE WE BEEN THRU SOME CRAZY TIMES!!!...ughhhh she makes my world better
almost near perfect....
she never judges me....NEVER!!
IF ANYTHING....she just may be the only one who gets me!!!!
got to love her........LIQUOR
liquor Pictures, Images and Photos

soooooooooo OVERR!!
rihanna w Pictures, Images and Photos


(LO)Sap ASS love story... <3

sooo its close to valentine's day....where do i stand? (status)...single no cuff >sap<
what's sad about this situation is that i would love to have a significant other....its like i waste my time chasing THE UNTOUCHABLES (yes they do exist!!)..
im just tired of being lonely...don't get me wrong, i would never let another person define me..but having that O' so special one would the cherry on top!!!!!!

broken heart Pictures, Images and Photos

honestly i feel as if everyone is playing games. im tired of playing's so childish....whats the point??? games are no longer on my done. too mature to be on that level.
another thing is, its not like i dont have any options, i have MANY its just im not that interested
{i guess} but *she has caught my eye*
i know what 2 do with IT!!...but NOT happening.. GRRRRRR
sooo maybe i am a SAP in 2010...SO WHAT...lls... terrible rite?....maybe
lol so much 4 a love story....i think the main focus of this post is that im ready for something new in my life!!!...AND IMA SAP<<<>
dont come 4 me...lls

Welcome to the "WONDERFUL WORLD" of LO & MYRT.!
If your reading this you must be tite..becus we r tite..

(LO) ok... so we just made this thing.. i never blogged before, so i decided to give it a try. i figured my life is interesting enough for people to CREEP on me >lls<
hmmmm... interesting facts about lo: 1. love getting tattoos 2. im a very loving person, im not mean, personality kind of bubbly!!~ 3. Liquor is my bestfriend. thats my ride or die bitch!!!...she never leads me wrong! 4. love the besties 5. im FREE SPIRITED <<<<>
how do i feel??...i actually want to go swimming. lap up!...{random}
as of now i really dont have much to sayyyy......hmmmmmm^

(MYRT) Well hello world. I always wanted 2 start my own blog. Sum of my knew friends at st.johns exposed me too this world & have their own blogs as well. Just like them, I too I have gigantic opinion as most people who know me would agree. Now I am ready 2 share some of my wonderful insight with the world.
LOL. One night I had an inspirational dream that Lo & I should join forces on a blog because we are so different and our personal styles, philosophy's on life and just who we are as individuals joined together would make a platform for a great blog. So now we have created our very own "Picasso" entitled "TheFlowSpot", a place where the impossible is possible. Here is our platform to just flow on just about any and everything our little hearts desire.! SO COME ABOARD THIS ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. IT'S SURE TO BE AN EXPERIENCE. & I hope each & every time you come and read, you gain some type of insight before leaving.! =)))

Ok now bac to LO.!>>>>>

(LO) lets see here

Marilyn Monroe Pictures, Images and Photos

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
Marilyn Monroe

(MYRT) Ahhhhh. Don't you just love Marilyn.! ;)
Ummmm so rather then me tell u alot about myself I would rather just show you and you learn about who I am; Besides pictures speak 1,ooo words.! So tell me what this one says.!

Now I know your probably thinking this girl is crazy. Like WDF is that suppose to b.! Welllllll its jus a piece of abstract art I like because its colorful and bright & u cant just say 1 thing about it.! It makes me happy.! (Cheese face)

My Quote of the day: "What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.!" ~ Waldo Emerson